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Gel Polish

O.S.S.O Gel, are Gel Nail requires only a one-step application, eliminates the use of primer, base and top coats. No filing is required, no damage to natural nails will incur. High durability as long as 2 weeks. Mirror-like finish with long lasting shine. It is safe, easy to users and contribute a long lastime shiny surface.

Gel Polish Tips

Polymer Gel

Polymer Gel is an all-in-one formula solid-gel like materials, for the perfect overlay and nail extension. It is hard as acrylic, but no monomer, no mixing, no irritating odour.

You enjoy all strengths of acrylic, and reduce your troubles in using acrylic:

  • It don’t have unpleasant smells
  • No mixing is required
  • Nearly solid texture prevent slipping for prolonged time before curing
  • Not a time chasing game for self solidifying acrylic products.
  • Shape it as long as your want before light curing. The odorless formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want until you cure it under UV/LED gels.
Polygel Clear Polygel Pink
Polygel Soft Pink Polygel White


10 USD

DIY Kit Set

O.S.S.O Gel DIY Kit Set

is with the characteristic of O.S.S.O Gel, require no base, together with a incredibly small LED lamp, and innovative packet of cleanser and gel remover, all these make gel nails become a very easy process.

Without bottles of chemicals and spacious nail lamp, O.S.S.O Gel DIY Kit Set is easy to store, light and portable ! Your Nail Salon at Anywhere!


70 USD

Color Gel

3 Color Gels (5ml)

9W LED Lamp

9W LED Lamp

Steel Cuticle Pusher

Steel Pusher

Top Coat

Top Coat (10ml)

Nail Cleanser

Nail Cleanser (100 packs)

Manicure Set

Manicure Set

Base Coat

Base Coat (10ml)

Gel Polish Remover Wraps

Gel Polish Remover Pack (100 packs)

Cuticle Softner

Cuticle Softener (10ml)

Base Coat

Base Coat

facilitates the bonding between nails and gels.

It’s best for customers with thin, oily nails , who require least filing on nail surface.

Best perform in nail extension.


10 USD

O.S.S.O Gel Color Gels

O.S.S.O Gel Color Gels

have more than 101 colors all bottled in both 5, 10ml.

5ml are espcially good for users who favors in many colors and frequent change of colors. It reduces storage size, and most importantly, it offers adequate quantity of colors thus minimized unused materials.

Color Chart


13 USD

7.7 USD

Builder Gel

Builder/Sculpture Gel

are soak-off transparent or pink gel designed for nail extension with form or tip.

A good choice to seal decorations or thickening.

Hard , tough and elastic. Apply directly on slightly buffed, cleansed nail. Moderate viscosity allows manicurist to create C curve for a stronger shock resistance.

A perfect substitute for hard gel.


20.5 USD

Builder Gel Pink Builder Gel Builder Gel Builder Gel
Top Coat

Top Coat

is applied as easy as our color gels.

Our color gels are finish with pleasant shine with one step curing.

If you require an extra shine on your nails lasting for at least 3 weeks, Top Coat is here for you !


10 USD

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