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What is O.S.S.O Gel ?

O.S.S.O Gel is abbreviation of One-Step Soak-Off, which is one of our distinguish features of our gel among other soak off gels in the market.

It is a soak-off gel that requires only a one-step application, eliminates the use of primer, base and top coats. Inherent a good adhesion and little filing is required, no damage to natural nails will incur using O.S.S.O Gel. High durability as long as 2 weeks. Immediate mirror-like finish with long lasting shine. It is a safe and easy-to-use gel polish for everyone!

Withstanding the concept of Environment, Safety and Health, our gels are 100% active ingredients and no solvent is added. Our Gels are odorless or extremely low odor and nonflammable benefiting the health of the nails and pulmonary systems of users.

Typical and traditional practice of nail beauty is about to change !

Company Background

Prudent Elited International Tradingin Company Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong. We specialized in manufacturing gel nails, soak off gels, one-step soak-off gels, LED/UV lamps, nail salon chemicals, and other nail salon equipment.

Founder of the company, Mike, has great interest in applied science, especially chemical engineering. We possess a wide and scientific knowledge to the gel nail ingredients and manufacturing and have full understanding to the working principles and benefits of gel products to our customers.

We target to nail salons and home users in Hong Kong, Macau and China. We also has OED, ODM service to export overseas.

Appreciating the virtue of simplicity, we intend to manufacture products to be used easily and in a simple design and packaging.

We also maintain with a reasonable prices to publicize the culture of nail beautification.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to spread the nail beautification culture to everyone.

Our visions are to:

Enhance the convenience of implementing nail beauty while quality is preserved.

Promote a user-friendly and sustainable nail beauty practices to professional practitioners and domestic users.

Provide a healthy environment , method of application to current nail beauty industry.

Why O.S.S.O Gel ?

Save your Time

Save you time



With intense researches and development, O.S.S.O Gel is able to combine typical 3 steps application into 1 single step , with an even better result ! Now your time in curing each layers of gels are eliminated. Our gel requires only 30 secs to be cured. It is a new product that is easier to use, and faster than nail polish , acrylic and hard gel !

Shock Resistance



O.S.S.O Gel is applied as thin as nail polish, but with the hardness of hard gel.

You no longer necessary to be too careful about your nails your daily life !

Long Lasting Shine

Long Lasting Shine



30 seconds of curing, 14 days of Glossiness !

It is so convenient that no wipe is required after curing.

You are enjoying the ease of using nail polish, but enjoying the stainability of hard gels.

Easy Removal

Easy Removal



It will surprise you that our gels are tough , but easy to be soaked off !

Our gel can be removed with a mild gel remover. It will not dissipate heat and discomfort you. Our gels will break into several large pieces. They are easy to be removed without the need to have hard pushing!

Protect your Nails

Protect Your Nails



A strong remover mostly is acetone which is a strong moist absorber. Your moisture in your skin and nail will be dehydrated during soak off. As our remover is mild yet sufficient to remove our gel, it contains emollient to hydrate your skin and nails.





O.S.S.O Gels are nearly odourless. It is made of 100% active ingredients where no solvents are added. You will never find harmful chemicals like propanone, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP in our gels. Nails will not be yellowed for prolonged usage.

Nails and pulmonary systems of users are protected. Air quality of salon or indoor is guaranteed.

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